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Dr. Politzer is probably the best doctor (in any specialty), that I've ever seen...and I see a LOT of doctors. His bedside manner was phenomenal. It is so apparent that he went into medicine not for the reputation or recognition, but to make a difference. He listened to my concerns, and took a lot of time with me to make sure that all of my questions were answered and that I understood the condition. Highly recommend!

-- KB

As a physician myself, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Politzer. His knowledge, experience, compassion and professionalism is as good as it gets. He is efficient in his process but not rushed. He is respectful of the patient and extremely honest. Doctors run late as a previous person noted (who knows, maybe he just delivered an awful diagnosis to the patient before you and it took a little longer). However, at the heart of the matter is Dr. Politizer is an excellent eye doctor and his heart is in the right place. This is all you can ask for in a doctor.

-- Brett U

Dr Politzer is amazing. I had major vision issues after an accident. We got in to see him, he was incredibly familiar with the issue. He diagnosed and corrected my vision quickly and effectively. He’s very pleasant, kind and easy to speak with.

-- Josh W

Dr. Politzer is the best Doctor that I have ever met. He is not only one of the most knowledgeable but more importantly he is incredibly empathetic and kind. I have a rare brain condition which causes intractable migraines and can affect my eyesight. Dr. Politzer and his team have always taken care of me and made me feel at ease at every visit. I could not recommend him highly enough. I feel extremely grateful to have him for my Doctor and the tirelessness way rest of the office staff have helped as well. I could not recommend him and his staff highly enough. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I would not ever want to see any other Doctor.

-- Shannon K

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